Yard Waste Removal

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Pick up a bag, fill it with yard waste and we will pick it up.

If you are planning a landscaping project, demolition or you just have some clean fill you are trying to get rid of, let us help.

What we will take:

  • Yard Waste
  • Clean Soils
  • Clays
  • Sand
  • Broken Concrete (with no steel or rebar reinforcement)

What we will not take:

  • Any contaminated soils or hazardous waste material.

If you are unsure, contact our collection depot at 519-624-7500 to ensure we can accept the materials you need to dispose of.

Costs are as Follows:

  • Purchase Cubic Yard Bag at StonePlace – $20.00 per bag
  • Disposal Fee – $35.00 per bag that we pick up at your site
  • Delivery Fee – $125.00 For up to 16 Bags

A special delivery charge will be given to customers that are also purchasing StonePlace products that need to be delivered to your site when we pick up the collection bags.

Note: A disclosure form must be signed and placed in each bag. Our stores can provide you with the form, or you can download the form here and print it off and sign it.